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The ADDitude Network offers advertising opportunities across multiple media channels, including:
Over 3 million users visit each month. Advertisers may take advantage of the micro-targeting capabilities offered by ADDitude’s scale selecting a target market by content topic, by demographic  (adults, caregivers, professionals), and/or by geo location. Integrated programs such as the annual Natural Treatments program (Q2), or Success@School promotion (Q3) are implemented each year for our partners and include email, banners, social media, webinar promotions and more. Other examples of recent targeted programs include One Day At A Time (adhd parents), New Year, New You (adhd adults), and Dear ADDitude (q and a’s submitted by the ADDitude community and answered by experts in the field).

Webinars and Podcasts
ADDitude produces 50+ live webinars each year with leading experts on ADHD and related conditions. Over 500,000 people register for ADDitude webinars each year, and many millions more replay ADDitude webinars via desktop streaming or downloadable podcasts. Marketing opportunities exist on the webinar registration and download pages, webinar promotional emails as well as during the live events. See webinar replays available here.

Print Magazine
Reach 400,000 readers with each quarterly issue of ADDitude magazine, which is mailed to subscribers, sold on newsstands, and distributed in prominent ADHD clinic waiting rooms. Full-, half-, and quarter-page ads are available.

ADDitude delivers 12 distinct newsletter products to more than 750000 active opt-in newsletter subscribers each week. 300×250 banners are available in our newsletters geared toward adults with ADHD, parents, clinicians, and teachers. ADDitude newsletters benefit from unusually high open (average over 40%) and click through rates due to the targeted nature of the offerings.

eBooks and Free Downloads
ADDitude offers 120 PDF downloads on topics ranging from homework solutions and discipline fixes to ADHD diet rules and organization strategies. In the last year, ADDitude users have visited these free online resources more than 1 million times. In addition, ADDitude sells 26 eBooks ranging from “Getting Things Done with Adult ADHD” to “Your ADHD Homework Survival Guide.” Full- and half-page ads are available in both of these offerings.

ADDitude’s community features support groups, discussion forums, and medication and treatment reviews, all supported by an avid group of participating members of the ADDitude community. For discussion forums, click here. For medication and treatment reviews, click here.

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