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Our Audience

The ADDitude audience is highly motivated, engaged, and growing rapidly with a varied profile across the spectrum of the ADHD audience.

      • Digital Users: 3+ million monthly
      • Newsletter Subscribers: 725,000+ opt-in
      • Facebook Followers: 400,000+
      • Magazine Audience: 400,000
      • Gender: 90% female; 10% male
      • Average Age: 43
      • Profile: 43% are parents primarily concerned with their child’s ADHD; 43% are adults primarily concerned with their own or their loved one’s ADHD
      • Professionals: 30% are ADHD professionals (clinicians, educators, psychologists)
      • Family: 85% of readers have a school-aged child at home
      • Treatment: 89% of readers visit an ADHD practitioner at least 7 times a year, and 89% take and/or administer ADHD medication
      • Frequency: 60% of users visit every week; 42% visit almost every day!
      • Motivations to Read ADDitude: Eagerness to learn more about ADHD (74%), frustration (69%), and resolve to take action (58%)
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