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Fifty times a year, ADDitude hosts a live webinar with an expert on ADHD or a related condition like depression or oppositional defiant disorder. As many as 30,000 ADDitude information seekers register for each webinar, which includes a 30-minute expert presentation and 30 minutes of audience questions and answers. ADDitude webinars, available via on-demand replay and downloadable podcasts, have been listened to more than 8 million times to date.

Webinar sponsors receive a live promotion during the webinar, which is replayed during all on-demand replays and podcast versions. They also enjoy editorial space on the on-demand webinar landing and confirmation pages with links to sponsor web sites.

To see our complete list of upcoming webinars and our archive of on-demand webinars, click here.

A sample of popular ADDitude webinars follows:

The ADHD-Executive Function Connection

Learn about the connection between ADHD and executive function, how it affects your focus and organization, and more.
by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

It’s About Time: Understanding the Science of Time Management with ADHD

Take a deeper look at the science of time awareness and time management through an ADHD lens.
by Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA

A Parent’s Guide to Conquering Homework

Find out how to end fights over homework time, once and for all.
by Peg Dawson, Ed.D.

What Neuroscience Reveals About the ADHD Brain

Learn how attention works in the ADHD brain, what stimulant medications have to do with brain arousal, understand the ADHD brain’s development, and more.
by Joel Nigg, Ph.D.

Lighten Up: A Healthy Weight-Loss Guide for Adults with ADHD

Understanding how ADHD can lead to weight loss struggles, and what adults can do to overcome them.
by Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.

Is It Really ADHD? How to Get the Diagnosis Right

Doctors who don’t specialize in ADHD may go down many blind alleys before getting the right prognosis. The good news: You can avoid common pitfalls of diagnosis by following this step-by-step plan.
by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

Best Behavior: Classroom Strategies for Students with ADHD

There are many ways in which ADHD symptoms may interfere with a child’s ability to make academic progress. Fortunately, research-based strategies can ease the path to success.
by Shari Gent, M.S., NCED

7 Ways to Be More Productive — and Crush It at Work or School

ADHD and productivity coach Alan Brown, shares 7 strategies he used to go from undiagnosed ADHD “mess” to successful executive and entrepreneur.
by Alan Brown

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