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Adoptive Families

For more than four decades Adoptive Families has provided readers with trusted perspectives from respected adoption experts and a sense of community from real-life personal stories written by adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents, and others touched by adoption. Even as we celebrate the joys of family life, we believe that no one should have to parent in a vacuum. Adoptive Families strives to provide a rich toolbox for raising self-aware children who have access to all the information they need to fully consider their race, their roots, and their adoption story as they grow up and as adults.

Founded as a black-and-white newsletter, OURS, in 1968, by Adoptive Families of America, Adoptive Families took its current name and switched to four-color publication in 1994. In 2014, Adoptive Families transformed into an all-digital quarterly magazine and relaunched as a comprehensive searchable website containing the many resources from more than 40 years of publication.

Adoptive Families provides information and support through expert articles, personal stories, expert audio, in-depth eBooks, made-for-sharing Clip & Save tipsheets, parent-to-parent interaction, and more. It also maintains the vibrant online community, AdoptiveFamiliesCircle, and publishes Building Your Family: The Infertility and Adoption Guide, a valuable resource and national directory for those considering their path to parenthood.

Readers turn to Adoptive Families to:

  • Parent consciously rather than with best intentions
  • Begin an adoption dialogue from day one and give your children all the details of their adoption stories
  • Talk openly about racial differences in your family and racism in society
  • Sensitively build a relationship with an expectant mother and father and navigate an open adoption
  • Respond to misperceptions about adoption at your child’s school, within your circle of family and friends, or in your larger community
  • Think about the best way to respond to each of your children’s questions, and create an atmosphere in which they feel safe asking increasingly complex questions.
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