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New Hope Media is the leading source of trusted parenting and health information for families touched by ADHD and by adoption. We are an independent publisher serving two highly engaged audiences with products that span print, digital, email, social, learning, and beyond.

Our mission is simple: To help our readers promote and protect their own health and happiness each day.

The ADDitude Community
Nearly 300,000 people follow ADDitude on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Incredible engagement and sharing take place in those social media channels and in ADDitude’s community. There, 50,000 registered members ask and answer important questions about parenting, school, diagnosis, treatment, and living better with ADHD and related conditions.

The Adoptive Families Community
Nearly 100,000 people follow Adoptive Families on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. In addition, Adoptive Families Circle, is the community web site where 10,000 registered members ask and answer important questions about the domestic, foster and international adoption processes and about parenting challenges.